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Students develop software testing skills with professionals

During the Easter break, a group of UTC Reading students took time out of their holiday to participate in “Software Testing Week”.

The students were given the opportunity to develop new skills essential for a career in software development, through learning how to test software under the guidance of experienced professionals from We Know Data and FileMaker.

By working in a live environment, the students learnt the importance of accuracy, diligence, and perseverance in determining the functionality of operational systems.

Kevin Wookey, Operations Director at We Know Data, said:

"What we learnt was the value of such a real world exercise – a different perspective produced different results, with students finding issues or raising questions we would have been unlikely to have found.

"But more importantly, we saw how diligently these students worked – by day two they had doubled their output of the previous day and the trend continued providing a valuable source of issues and questions which are being analysed and actioned today. The speed of learning new ideas and applying them was truly impressive to see and I cannot remember a single unnecessary question. I look forward to repeating a similar process in July!"

Kieran Saunders, Senior Business Solutions Consultant at Filemaker International, said:

"I found it amazing that the students were, after signing an NDA disclaimer, straight away learning how to rate bugs and how to report them, then dived in and started looking and testing real applications that were in the final stages of development for some very impressive companies. 

"The students found some important “issues” straight away. It is not often that a mid-size development house can have over 10 people testing a solution at once - normally that only happens after the go live stage! Students were very engaged and interested, not only because of their high standard, but I believe because it was a important activity they were doing and not a fictional situation made up for the classroom.

"Having this type of “real” experience will, I hope, give the students a taste of what a career in the software industry will be like; rapid, interesting and dynamic." 

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