Parent communications



We have two main ways of communicating with parents: a system called Ed:Gen and our weekly Head of School updates.  We will occasionally send additional emails during the week if urgent or necessary but try to keep these to a minimum.

Parent portal from Ed:Gen

We use this to share information with parents about their child’s progress for example rewards they have received in school as well as our formal reports.  You can also find their timetable and contact information for teachers.

Click here to set up or access your account:

There are some useful hints, tips and troubleshooting in the parent guide here, but if you need any extra help, please email the school office here.


Letters to parents and carers in 2023-24


Jennie Thomson our Head of School writes a weekly update which contains everything you need to know about what is happening for your child in UTC Reading.  We know it can be hard to keep up with school emails so we try only to send emails outside this weekly update if necessary.  Here you will find links to our end of week newsletters, and various other communications relevant to our whole school community:


Year 10


Year 12

Our Partners