Wayne Edwards,
Executive Principal

Jennie Thomson,
Acting Head of School


We are delighted to welcome you to UTC Reading. It is a privilege to be the Executive Principal and Acting Head of School of such a ground-breaking and innovative learning environment where we like to do things differently and Transform Lives Through Learning. UTC Reading offers you an opportunity to focus your education in Year 10 or Year 12, so that when you progress from education into employment, you are well prepared for the world of work and the future that faces you.

We specialise in Engineering and Computer Science and deliver these specialisms through high-quality technical qualifications alongside core GCSE’s and A Levels. Our focused and employer responsive curriculum is enriched with a broad range of experiential learning opportunities to ensure you are equipped with vital skills, knowledge, attributes and behaviours to help you accelerate your learning and career.

Alongside an exceptional technical and academic education you will develop important work-related skills. You will have opportunities to work in partnership with high-profile local, national and international employers who will open your mind up to the world of work that they can offer in the future. You will be able to enhance your CV with a variety of experiences that will make you stand out from the crowd when you apply for an apprenticeship, university or employment.

High-quality destinations are our priority at UTC Reading. Whether you spend two or four years with us, we are confident that you will be equipped with everything you need to secure a destination that you are proud of and will provide you with a springboard to the next phase of your life.

The facilities at UTC Reading are state-of-the-art and provide a professional and work-like environment for you to learn in. We expect our students to meet the professional standards that we set in their dress, their attitude to work and the relationships they develop with their peers, the staff and our industry partners. Our expectations are all built around our culture code which defines that students will be Ready, Respectful and Relentless.

We love using the latest technology at UTC Reading and we expect our students to engage in using technology to enhance their learning. As we grow into the digital revolution, the use of technology will develop at an incredible rate but it cannot replace core attributes such as resilience, enterprising, confidence, professionalism and awareness. All of which you can develop at UTC Reading.



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