We know that there are many key transition points while your child is studying with us at UTC Reading, most notably the transitions to post 16 and post 18 study.

UTC Reading is here to support you and your child through each stage, providing information, advice and guidance to enable students to make informed decisions about their next steps.  

Throughout their time in KS4 (Years 10-11), students will begin to explore options for their futures, including external talks from apprenticeship and further education providers in line with the Provider Access Legislation (PAL). We will offer a parent/carer Next Steps Evening to provide guidance on key dates, post 16 options as well how and when to apply.  

Within the Sixth Form, students will continue to explore options for post 18 study, such as university, apprenticeships and employment. Students will partake in a Destinations Day in which they will hear from external providers (in line with the Provider Access Legislation (PAL)), about universities, HND and HNC qualifications, apprenticeship providers as well as how to have a safe online presence on platforms such as LinkedIn. This will also be supported by a Destinations Evening in which we invite parents/carers in to provide them with a better understanding of Post 18 options too.  


Success at School is a national careers website for students aged 11 – 19, as well as their teachers, careers advisors, parents and other influencers. Young people can learn about their future career options through no-nonsense careers advice related to their own experiences.  



As a parent or carer, you want to be able to guide and advise your child towards the best opportunity for them. So, where do you start? There are so many options available to your child on leaving KS4 – they could join the Sixth Form, begin an apprenticeship, commence a T Level, develop their confidence through a traineeship, apply for
university, consider a gap year or even move into volunteering! Being open-minded about the range of opportunities, and equipping yourself with knowledge and information is the best way to build your confidence, and ultimately to support your child to make the best decision for them.

Through this Parent Zone, we aim to help you to explore those options 


A parents’ toolkit for career conversations. When it comes to education and careers, parents, carers and guardians are the biggest influence in young people’s lives. Talking futures is a resource created to help you have informed and constructive conversations with your child about the different training and education pathways available to them.  


If you’re a parent, guardian or carer, you can help inspire the apprentices of tomorrow. Helpful advice, information and guidance on how to support your child in searching and applying for apprenticeships, including regular ‘parent packs’ to guide you along the way.  

career map

We know talking about careers can be daunting but we’re here to guide you through the maze of post-16 and post-18 options, so you can strike up the best career conversations with your children using our expert advice and resources. 


The Parent Perspective is an exciting podcast series for parents and carers, helping them to support their children with careers advice and guidance. Together with Not Going to Uni, we want to make sure that we are supporting parents to feel informed and confident in providing careers support and guidance to their child, so that they ultimately make the best decisions for them. 


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