Here are some frequently asked questions about UTC Reading

What are the benefits of studying at a UTC?

  • Our courses offer practical as well as academic studies, which is more beneficial for some young people
  • Employers have been involved from the start in shaping the curriculum. They help ensure the qualifications the students gain are what they require and get to know them on work placements
  • Students can go onto higher level apprenticeships, employment or university

What are typical class sizes at UTC Reading?
In years 10 and 11 the class sizes are typically 20-25 students. In Sixth Form, the classes are 15-20 students, sometimes smaller depending on the A Level.

I have submitted an application, what next?
On receipt of your application form we will send you an acknowledgement and then invite you to meet with us.

If you’d like to discuss anything about admissions before completing the application form, please email our Admissions Coordinator.

What is the reason to start in year 10?
Some young people know early on what they want to do in their future career, so why not start developing their future plans now? The extended offering at a UTC provides a whole year of extra teaching for every two years the student is with us due to the longer working day. This gives students more time to develop the additional skills required by employers.

Are there any fees?
No – UTCs are free.

What is the pastoral care like at UTC Reading?
An effective pastoral system is essential for the UTC. We have pastoral support managers for both years 10 & 11, and in the Sixth Form.

Are free school meals available?
All pupils eligible for free school meals have that entitlement.

Is the UTC subject to Ofsted and league tables?

Is it just for boys?
Certainly not. The percentage of female students attending UTC Reading has increased year on year with approximately 25% of our current cohort being female. We work with a number of industry partners and professional organisations to engage with female engineers and computer scientists to ensure our female students recognise the breadth of opportunities available to them in engineering, computing and STEM.

Am I allowed to leave my old school?
The government sends out a letter to families each year, explaining that students may switch schools at age 14 if they choose to. This letter is sent out to parents in September each year and then families can apply for a place at UTC Reading.


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