Our Learning Philosophy, Culture, Values and Attributes

“Our award-winning learning philosophy shapes our
approach to teaching and learning. It recognises that only when all three elements of brain, emotions and motivation are activated does great learning happen”


The Learning Philosophy is ‘the golden thread that runs through all of our schools. The unique philosophy, based on neuro-science, guides how lessons are planned and delivered and helps us ensure our educational experience really supports and challenges students.


Our brains are like a muscle and the more we use them the cleverer they become. So effort and working hard is critical as the more we work at something the better we become. Every time we practise something it strengthens our brain, so the next time it’s not as hard. And as we improve we can start to take on new ideas and understand more as we continue to learn.



A goal gives a reason for learning. While our brains are capable of learning almost anything, we are only likely to use them if we are motivated to do so. What is the purpose of learning this? We should always understand why we are learning what we are learning as we are naturally more interested in learning it if we can see a direct worth to ourselves or how it will benefit us in the future.



How we feel about learning impacts upon how we study and take in information. The better we feel and the more confident we are about learning, the better we study, focus and make faster progress. On the other hand, negative feelings built on previous bad experiences –  for example feeling belittled or made to feel stupid – can stop our brain from working at its best and affect how we learn. So learners need to feel they can ‘ignite their brains to learn’. The more they are in control, the more confident they feel and the more open they are to learning. Recognising the fact that it is a learning experience to fail makes us more resilient, confident and able bounce back.

So we focus our learners onto this, being mindful, nurturing their autonomy and building their confidence and independence.

Our Culture

The culture at UTC Reading is built on what we call our 3 R’s; Ready, Respectful, Relentless and are connected with our vision of Transforming Lives Through Learning and our Learning Philosophy that focuses on the Brain, Emotions and Motivation. 

Around the UTC, you will see evidence of our Culture Code. This highlights against each of the three R’s, what students are expected to do each day to support the development of this culture in their UTC. 

Our Values

Our Values are:

  • Empowerment
  • Enterprise
  • Connectedness
  • Transformation

Attributes for success

We work closely with employers to identify the characteristics and skills they are looking for in potential employees.

We help our learners identify which of these desirable attributes they have and which they can strengthen throughout their programme, ensuring their future employability is the focus throughout their studies.

The UTC Reading Way

At the heart of our approach is our Learning Philosophy that focuses on Brain, Emotions and Motivation. Our culture is built on our 3R’s that set the expectations for our students and all stakeholders. Our attributes are what our students will have developed with us as they prepare for their future lives. When we bring this all together it creates what we call the UTC Reading Way.


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