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Computing industry insights at Intel

Towards the end of last term, a group of Year 13 IT students spent the day at Intel’s site in Swindon.

The day was run by intern students, who were on a work placement at Intel between their second and third years of studying at university.
The UTC students were divided into three groups to complete three different activities throughout the day. These were an IoT lab demonstration, a robot and greenhouse projects. As well as listening to talks and writing code, the students’ teamwork skills were tested as they completed activities such as controlling a robot round a maze whilst blindfolded, relying on instructions from their teammates.
Students were also able to visit Intel’s gaming area, where they saw a new game being developed using some of the latest technology. The experience allowed them to see some of the ways in which they could use their computing skills in a real-world industry setting.
Sandra Joseph, UTC Reading Director of Vocational Learning, said:
“The trip was highly valuable for our students. Not only did they get to see first-hand the kinds of areas in which they may be able work in the future, but they also received lots of useful advice from the intern students about applying for jobs in the industry.”
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