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NASA Engineer gives space lecture at UTC Reading - to infinity and beyond!

On Tuesday 24 April, NASA  Engineer George “Gabe” Gabrielle visited UTC Reading to give a talk to staff, students, and members of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) on life in space.

The lecture kicked off in the Main Hall after some light refreshments, and covered everything from NASA emissions over the years, to Gabe’s experience of life on the space station and what it is like experiencing the rocket take-off.

Gabe also shared his vision on how to succeed in life by having fun, doing the best you can and taking time. He also talked about why it’s important women are empowered in the industry and why 'no' should ever been taken for an answer.

Visitors to the talk spoke of how inspirational it was for all ages, as well as educational.

UTC Reading Year 10 student, Alex Lamb said: “It was absolutely brilliant. I really enjoyed the videos he showed about the space launches, and getting us all to countdown to take-off! He gave us so many interesting facts about life in space that I never knew about.”

Year 10 student, Grace Dresser said: “It was such an inspirational talk. Not only did he tell us all about space, but also his view on steps to success; about taking things slower, and as they come. I left feeling completely inspired.”

UTC Reading Engineering Teacher, David Court, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next IET talk. It was truly inspirational, and a great example of showcasing success.”

Engineering Teacher, Janet Elgar said: “I became engrossed in what he was saying, from start to finish. I’m so pleased I went; it was the best talk I’ve ever sat in on.”

Thank you to the IET for organising this fantastic talk and hosting it here at UTC Reading.

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