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STEM trip to Reading University

On Wednesday 17 January a group of Year 11,12 and 13 Biology students went on a trip to Reading University to visit Dr Sakthivel Vaiyapuri, a Lecturer in Pharmacology.

The students had the opportunity to perform a series of practical sessions while analysing how snake venom affects the human body, how snake bites are treated and how this information can be used in medicine to treat various medical conditions.

The visit also included a tour around a purpose built lab in the Hopkins building, where the students had the opportunity to perform practicals alongside current university students.

Dr Vaiyapuri said about the visit, “The students from UTC were really enthusiastic and engaging with the lecture and all the activities that we performed on the day. Some students asked very interesting, and inspiring questions. It was obvious to capture their interest on snakes and snakebites throughout the activities. They also provided excellent feedback at the end. Overall, I was very pleased to perform this STEM activity for students from UTC Reading, and I would be delighted to teach them again in the future.”

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