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CPD Training Session 

On Monday  8 January, Director of Mathematics, Cimen Sahin organised an all staff CPD training session on “Outstanding Teaching & Learning and Classroom Management ideas” delivered by Pietro Tozzi.

Pietro has 33 years of mathematics teaching experience, has mentored many ITT’s and NQT’S and also delivered training programmes for Pearson/Edexcel.

He was nominated for a National Teaching Award in 2010 and in the session all staff looked at some ideas for establishing good classroom routines and expectations in order to help to minimise behavioural issues. There was also examples of ‘outstanding’ lesson ideas, including some clips straight from the classroom. Here is some of the feedback from staff:

English teacher Richard Howse, said: “ Really enthused by Pietro’s session. Really wonderful to see someone who’s at the top of the game, able to demonstrate different, ongoing developments and a clear awareness of scenarios that can and can’t work in different environments.”

Engineering teacher, Mark Harris said: “The speaker was extremely concise and clear, and he spoke with passion about ideas that he has developed over many years. I was inspired to try out some of the techniques he described, particularly the tutoring table and the draft letter home. Also, a lot of the observations he made about students’ behaviour help to explain many of the aspects of student behaviour that I have seen. Very interesting and useful.”

Physics teacher, Georgios Aronis said: “It was an amazing opportunity to get training on how to become a better teacher.

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