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IET Women in STEM talks take off with Armelle Boisset

On Monday 6 February, Armelle Boisset from Kapsch CarrierCom delivered an inspiring talk at UTC Reading.

UTC Reading is working with the IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology), hosting a series of talks on Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Talks will be delivered monthly by women in a range of careers and from a variety of backgrounds, aiming to inspire young people to see the wealth of opportunities available to them in STEM.

Armelle’s talk was the first of the series and proved to be a fantastic success. She spoke about her life and career and brought up several interesting points, including how she was inspired by teachers at school who used to make learning more memorable.

Armelle used hyperbolic paraboloids to demonstrate how Maths in school didn’t always have to be about numbers. It was about taking inspiration from learning and seeing how it can be turned into real life products; for example, she showed that pringles are examples of hyperbolic paraboloids.

Speaking about women in STEM, Armelle dispelled the myths that being an engineer is not always about ‘engines’ as it says in the word. As a French speaker, she mentioned that the word “engineer” in French is translated as “ingénieur”, meaning “ingenious”. Her approach to engineering inspired the audience and we are extremely grateful to her for making our first talk of this series such a success.

Take a look at the schedule of our upcoming IET Women in STEM talks.

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