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Year 10 students learn valuable presentation skills

Last week, Talk The Talk came to UTC Reading to run a day of workshops on public speaking and confidence building.

The workshops focused on aspects such as gesturing, body language and posture as well as the content of presentations. Instructors gave some useful tips and tricks for students to bear in mind when presenting in order to get their message across clearly and confidently.

The day ended with each student presenting to the group, without notes, for around two minutes on a topic of their choice.

Students interviewed after the workshop were highly enthusiastic about what they had taken away from the day. Comments included:

“It definitely improved my confidence. I didn’t realise how important body language was, I now feel more confident about using hand gestures and speaking in public.” (Sam Brown)

“Talk the Talk was good. I learnt how to present myself and engage with the audience. The instructors were very helpful and gave good pointers.” (Fraser Bradshaw)

‘It helped me improve my speaking and listening skills. I didn’t think before about how I approached other people.” (Bella Gonzalez)

“I learnt a lot about posture and not fidgeting and speaking clearly. It helped with my confidence.” (Monique Martin)

“The workshop taught me to believe in my own skills when speaking to audiences. I plan to do it more from now on!” (Rhiannon Dodson-Edwards)

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