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Context for University and College admissions teams about UTC Reading

UTC Reading provides students with a ground breaking and innovative learning environment where we like to do things differently. UTC Reading offers students an opportunity to focus their education at the age of 14 or 16, so that they are prepared for the world of work that faces them, when they progress from education into employment.

We specialise in Engineering and Computing and deliver these specialisms through high quality technical qualifications alongside GCSE’s and A Levels. Our entire curriculum and student experience are built around a STEM education, so that students are equipped with the vital skills and knowledge to help them accelerate their learning and career.

Alongside an exceptional, technical and academic education, students will develop important work-related skills. Students will have opportunities to work in partnership with high profile local employers who will open their minds up to the world of work that they can offer in the future. UTC Reading students will be able to enhance their CV with a variety of different experiences that will make them stand out from the crowd when they apply for an apprenticeship, university or employment.

High quality destinations are our priority at UTC Reading. Whether students spend two or four years with us, we are confident that they will be equipped with everything they need to secure a destination that they are proud of and will provide them with a springboard to the next phase of their lives.

The facilities at UTC Reading are state-of-the-art and provide a professional and work-like environment for them to learn in. We expect our students to meet the professional standards that we set in their dress, their attitude to work and the relationships they develop with their peers, the staff and our industry partners.


 We love using the latest technology at UTC Reading and we expect our students to engage in using technology to enhance their learning. As we grow into the digital revolution, the use of technology will develop at an incredible rate but it cannot replace vital human characteristics such as flexibility, empathy, creativity and enterprise. All of which our students develop at UTC Reading. 

Our students are unique, as is the way in which they learn. We strive to create an environment where our students feel empowered to take risks, make mistakes and stretch themselves further. They will develop important independent thinking and learning skills that are key to their success in the future. We value their uniqueness and will nurture this through learning experiences, respecting individuality and taking care to support students in the way that works best for them. As our students progress through the UTC we are confident that they will grow from a student of today to a highly employable candidate of tomorrow.

Information for University and College admissions teams about COVID-19

Please see below a brief outline of the impact that COVID-19 had on students at UTC Reading from March 2020 onwards.

Teaching delivery and online provision

From March – July 2020 we were running an online programme and providing online resources and lessons for all students. Students had a scheduled lesson timetable with a teacher for teaching new content, monitoring learning and feedback. This timetable ran in the following format:

  • Live lessons ran from 9am-12pm every week day using Microsoft Teams on laptops (school laptops or student own devices, or other mobile devices that support teams).
  • Students could then choose to complete work in the afternoon, or take the afternoon for family time. We had aimed to give them a realistic balance between school based activities and time to complete their own hobbies or their commitments at home. Students also received some independent learning slots in the timetable so they have allocated time at some point between 9am-12pm where they could complete the school work and contact teachers for support where necessary.
  • Work was set as online activities and resources. Most of this work was set through Microsoft Teams as assignments, but we still maintained our usual online systems that the students are used to, such as virtual learning environments and websites with online submission and electronic feedback. 
  • For students who did not have reliable internet access at home we were able to prepare large paper based learning packs that they took home with them before the school was closed.  We had also maintained contact with these students to check on their progress and provide support where needed through their team leaders (tutors).

From September 2020 – December 2020, throughout the autumn term, students were able to attend full time classes at UTC Reading in the building for traditional face to face teaching. Any student who was absent for illness or COVID-19 related self-isolation has been able to access online provision through Microsoft Teams, which has been a blend of live access to audio from lessons and additional resources to support their learning. Although these provisions were available to students, this was still a largely disrupted time in their learning due to the self-isolation rules with whole class groups and year groups being off school for an extended period at one time and receiving only virtual or blended learning.

From January 2021 – March 2021 during the second COVID-19 lockdown, we again ran an online teaching and learning programme, providing online resources and lessons for all students (as previously). Students had a scheduled lesson timetable with a teacher for teaching new content, monitoring learning and feedback. This ran as previously via Microsoft Teams, but with timetabled lessons between 9am – 2:15pm. Students had exposure to every subject, however this was on a reduced basis in comparison to their usual school timetable.  

Throughout this spring term, vulnerable or key worker children were invited into class bubbles so that they could access learning and resources onsite, and we maintained contact with students regularly for support.



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