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Taymiyah - Product Designer 

My name is Taymiyah Chechi and I am in Year 10.

I currently study English language and Literature, Mathematics, Double Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Smart Product Design and Manufacture (SPDM) and Computer Science.

My favourite subject is SPDM because I’ve never studied a subject like this before; I find it fun and interesting because you get to design and manufacture your own product. When I leave UTC Reading I would like to be a web designer because I love to make my ideas come to life.

I think it is important to raise the profile of women in STEM because women make up 24% of all people employed in STEM so there is a lack of women in this field, meaning there are less female role models. Having more Women in STEM brings creativity, innovation and problem solving that comes from diverse perspectives.

My experience of studying in a male dominated environment has been good but sometimes challenging because I like to show that I can do things that “mostly” men do.

My top tip for females that are looking to study in a UTC is not to be intimated by the fact that it is predominantly a male dominated environment and to come in with an open mind-set.

  • Active Learning
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • University of Reading
  • Network Rail
  • Peter Brett