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STAR Interview Techniques

STAR Interview Techniques: 1 moring for 1-2 employees

All UTC students will need to be prepared for their first interview. The UTC promotes the STAR interview technique as a way of preparing for the interview. The workshop format is as follows:

  • Introduction by teacher
  • Industry partner gives an introduction, explaining the need to adopt a clear communicating style to respond to questions in an interview. It is useful to describe the difference to students between closed and open questions, and to give an analogy between STAR and a generic story that might be told as a fairy tale, or a hero’s journey in many films. STAR then becomes a relevant and relatable concept, rather than an unfamiliar structure to learn from scratch
  • Industry partner instructs students to think of a project or occasion in the UTC career that they can use to demonstrate key characteristics of their learning journey i.e. working as a team, overcoming difficulty, learning a new technique or technology.
  • Each student should then draft their ‘story’ using the STAR structure
    • Situation – what was the situation?
    • Task – what was the task I was given or took on?
    • Action – what actions did I take to accomplish the task?
    • Result – how can I describe the result as an end to the story?
  • Industry partner instructs the students to work in pairs to practise telling their story to their partner. Students should be encouraged to ‘peer review’ i.e. to offer constructive feedback to their partner on how to improve the story or to add further details
  • At the end of the session, the industry partner invites 2-3 students to tell their STAR story to the class, and to give constructive feedback on the story
  • Active Learning
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • University of Reading
  • Network Rail
  • Peter Brett