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Ravleen - Computer Scientist 

My name is Ravleen and I am currently in Year 12.

Right now, I study BTEC Computer Science and I love it because I learn a variety of new things; I learn something new every day and it is interesting. When I leave UTC Reading, I’d love to do a Degree Apprenticeship program related to Computer Science.

I think it is important to raise the profile of women in STEM because even today, in 2018 it’s still a male dominated area and I believe, like many others, that women have a lot of skills to contribute. It is important to make people in the STEM industry and everywhere else aware of the importance of the opportunities women have to bring, so that women are not left behind and their skills are not unheard of. Raising the profile of women also means that women will feel more encouraged to apply and take part in STEM careers.

My experience in a male dominated environment has not been entirely bad. Before, I used to be a quiet person and that made it difficult for me to be heard and get my opinions across, especially around men since most of them were confident, but I have always been good at finding a way. So, through public speaking, presentations, group discussions etc., I was able to become more confident. It is not impossible, but takes a lot of courage to do so.

My top tips to anyone thinking of coming to UTC Reading would be to have the correct mind-set and ambition to succeed. The rest - leave it up to UTC. They offer a lot of help and opportunities for you to go forward, you just need to take and act upon them.

  • Active Learning
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • University of Reading
  • Network Rail
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