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Presenting Skills

Presenting skills: 1 morning for 1-2 employees

At the core of every student’s personal development is the need to stretch themselves, to work outside their comfort zone. Perhaps the most challenging scenario is to stand up in front of a large number of people and present on a topic. This is an area that the UTC focuses on as a means of building confidence. A suggested format for the workshop is as follows:

  • Introduction by teacher
  • Industry partner gives an introduction, and provides examples of presentations you make in your working life. To build rapport with students is it useful to describe the first presentation you ever made and describe your nerves, and to perhaps reflect on how your presenting style has changed over the years. You might also wish to touch on the use of technology as an aid if you favour PowerPoint
  • Industry partner instructs students to prepare a quick presentation in pairs. They have 5 minutes to prepare the presentation, which should last 1-2 minutes. They may be provided with one of the following topics as a way of focusing their attention:
    • A technology I am passionate about
    • Where I see myself in 5 years
    • What I like most about learning
  • Industry partner then instructs each pair of students to stand at the front of the class and to present to their peers. Subject to time, industry partner should provide feedback to the students on positive aspects of their presentations, to promote effective techniques used
  • Active Learning
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • University of Reading
  • Network Rail
  • Peter Brett