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Glory - Chemist 

My name is Glory Endah and I’m a Year 12 student at UTC Reading.

I study A Level Science including; Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. My favourite subjects are Biology and Chemistry, which I love equally. I aspire to become a Medical Doctor.

It is important to raise the profile of Women in STEM as it will serve as an encouragement to young girls like me in the world, to pursue a career they wanted to give up on because the majority pursuing the same career are boys. Visibility matters and seeing people as oneself represented in a profession, leads people, especially girls, to feel less welcome and encouraged to do what they feared they cannot do.

Working in a male dominated environment has become easier for me over the years. At first it was uncomfortable but as time went by, I got used to being around boys and ignored the population. If anything, I feel proud to be part of the few girls that had taken the opportunity to be part of a community which is dominated by boys. It makes me feel strong and I can do what anyone else can, especially as I have been succeeding all these years.

For any females looking to study at UTC Reading, the population of girls should not discourage you because from personal experience, you can do better than anyone so long as your mind is set on it. You should be proud to be part of the female population taking on a STEM program in a male dominated environment. It has been a wonderful experience for me and I hope it will be for you too.

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