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Employer engagement

At the UTC we strive to give our students a technical education that will prepare you for the world of work. We do this with the support of industry partners who dedicate time, resources, and transfer of knowledge. Together we can build a talent pipeline of the skills needed in the local economy, and across the UK.

  • Experience the real world of work
  • To understand the relevance of what you are learning which we believe achieves higher grades
  • To develop character traits & skills you need to be highly employable
  • To identify the right career for you
  • To secure top tier, highly paid apprenticeships
  • To secure entry into the UK’s best universities

Measuring the impact of CEIAG

We use the Grofar Careers Management Platform to measure the effectiveness of employer engagement activities and to enable students to focus on skills development and track progress. 

This helps you to build a skills profile and helps you to log all of the activities you do with our industry partners on the Grofar Student Passport to keep track.

Partner Engagement Model

We are working to streamline the way in which we engage with industry partners across the ALET network, and across UTCs nationally. Please read the Partner Engagement Model to find out more.

Partner Engagement Model Explore > Assess > Clarify and Commit > Plan

Talent Pipeline Development Programme

For partners that may be recruiting a steady intake of apprentices each year in our specialisms, we would like to speak to you about creating a programme that aligns with your business objectives. 

Alternatively if you wish to develop or further a CSR initiative that can support the STEM agenda in education, or women in STEM, or many of the other challenges that face our society, we can work with you to create events, campaigns, and programmes.

Talent Pipeline Development Programme

Student recruitment, development, and destinations

As a partner, you will build relationships with our students and teachers, and join a community of businesses, institutions, and interest groups that together make the UTC so special.

The ways in which you can support us are related below in the context of the student journey, from recruitment, to development, to destinations after the UTC. 

Student Recruitment

Student Development





  • Active Learning
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • University of Reading
  • Network Rail
  • Peter Brett