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Emily - Biologist

My name is Emily Albrighton and I am in Year 10.

I am currently studying Double Engineering, Computer Science, SPDM (Smart Product Design & Manufacture), English Language & Literature, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

My favourite subject is Biology because it is intriguing and I especially enjoy learning about how the way our organs and tissues work together.

When I leave UTC Reading, I am planning on studying medicine and becoming a doctor.

I think that Women in STEM is an important campaign which doesn’t get enough recognition. Being a part of this, I believe it is important to raise awareness as only 24% of women have a job in STEM.

Most working environments in this sector are male dominated, even at UTC Reading. There are definitely a limited amount of girls at the college which means we like to prove ourselves a lot more, showing that we can do things like engineering and computing.

My advice to females thinking about looking into a STEM career or coming to UTC Reading is to be ready to work hard and have a growth mind-set. 

  • Active Learning
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • University of Reading
  • Network Rail
  • Peter Brett