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Duke of York Award Group Mentoring Scheme

Duke of York Award Group Mentroing Scheme: 4 mornings (Autumn, Spring)

The Duke of York Awards are available exclusively to UTC students, in recognition of their technical achievements. The UTC seeks mentors to support the students in preparing for their awards application close to the end of their Year 13 studies.

A mentor will commit to visiting the UTC on 4 mornings, in October, December, January, and March, to meet with up to 3 groups of 5 students, and spending an hour with each group. The subject of each mentoring session is as follows:

  1. Getting to know you – building rapport with your student group
  2. STEM Insights – showing students details of technology you work with and describing the skills and knowledge you need to work with the technology
  3. Short term goals and reflections – sharing your experience of working towards goals and meeting objectives, to help students appreciate the need for planning and time management
  4. STEM In-Depth – each student in the group presents on a STEM topic of their choice. As a mentor your role will be to facilitate, provide constructive feedback, and encourage discussion amongst the group on the STEM topic of each student

  • Active Learning
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • University of Reading
  • Network Rail
  • Peter Brett