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Careers advisor

UTC Reading is part of the Activate Learning Education Trust, that sits as part of the Activate Learning group. We have externally commissioned a Careers Adviser, Maurice, who works for Activate Learning and is a Level 6, fully qualified professional. Maurice is rightly placed to provide excellent personal guidance to our students and will be available throughout this academic year to do so.

Whilst we have a significant number of people who can support the students such as teachers and industry professionals, it is important that they have the opportunity to discuss their futures and destinations with someone that is impartial, and with up-to-date, relevant knowledge.

As the students’ progress through their time at UTC Reading, there are many decisions to make regarding different careers, educational and training-related needs. Our careers adviser is trained to work in the best interests of the students; he genuinely wants to help people succeed in their goals and maximise their potential. It may be that your son/daughter requires support with making effective subject choices or weighing up the pros and cons of future options such as going into sixth form, university or getting an apprenticeship. They may also need help thinking about the vast range of occupations available or simply asking for advice about employment. Whatever it is that they wish to discuss, the careers adviser can always help and give the students some guidance for further exploration. 

All students Year 13 and 11 will be allocated a careers adviser appointment in the autumn and spring term, respectively. Each appointment will be 30 minutes long. Students and parents will be notified of the appointment date and time in advance and via email, and it is expected that all students will attend their allocated appointment unless in the case of extenuating circumstances.

All students in Year 11 and 13 with an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) will also be prioritised for a one-hour appointment in the Autumn term, which makes up part of their annual review. Parents, guardians and learning support assistants (LSA’s) are invited to attend these appointments.

A number of students in Year 10 and 12 will also get the opportunity for small group appointments in the summer term and will be informed via the same means above. If your son or daughter is in year 10 or 12 and they do not get an appointment this year, they will be allocated one during the next academic year.

After each appointment, students will receive their personalised and individual careers adviser action plan, via an email. They will also be asked to complete a short questionnaire to provide feedback on their guidance interview so that we can identify areas that are working well and any room for improvements.

As always, we continue to provide our students with world-class and outstanding careers education, information, advice and guidance so that they can be successful in achieving a positive destination that is right for them.


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