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What our students say

Rebekah Kinchin, 14

I’m really enjoying my time at the UTC. I get to study subjects I love every day and use great technology.

My favourite subjects are engineering, science and maths. I find them really interesting and fun and love both designing stuff and building it. I’m taking my maths and core science GCSEs a year early and if I pass I plan to start A-Level maths and Higher and Additional Science GCSEs in September.

I’m really enjoying my time here at the UTC. I get to study subjects I love every day, use great technology, have been given my own laptop to use and wear business outfits instead of school uniform. All these things make it feel like I’m in a professional environment and not at school.

Alongside my lessons and projects, I’m also working on professional qualifications. So far I’ve become a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) in Microsoft Office 2013 and an Autodesk Certified User in AutoCAD. Some other students and I were the first in the UK to become MOS in the 2013 version of Microsoft Office and we’ve just found out that I’m the youngest person in the UK to gain the Autodesk qualification.

I’m now working towards MOS Expert qualifications in Word and Excel, and becoming a certified user in Autodesk Inventor and Microsoft Technology Associate in development fundamentals. These types of qualifications are helping with my studies as it means that I able to use the technology available more efficiently.

By gaining these professional qualifications we are also setting ourselves apart from other people when applying for jobs. The other thing that sets us apart is working with the UTC’s industry partners while we study. The projects they set give us an insight into the industry and the types of things they work on.

After A-Levels at the UTC I want to go to university at Oxford or Cambridge, and one day would like to work towards a PhD.

  • Active Learning
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • University of Reading
  • Network Rail
  • Peter Brett