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Skills training prepares students for next steps

During the half term break, a large group of our sixth form students took part in “Skills Training Week”. 

The four training days were delivered by our industry partners, with the aim of helping students to prepare for their next steps after leaving the UTC.






The week was a great success, consisting of the following sessions:

  • Interview skills training, delivered by Jade Brown and Moses Obibi from QA.
  • Soft skills training, delivered by two Microsoft apprentices, one of whom (Jacob McQuillan) was previously a UTC Reading student.
  • Presenting value skills training, delivered by Chris Bone from Fujitsu.
  • CV development workshop, delivered by Maria Wilcockson from Prudential.

Jade Brown, Schools Liaison Ambassador at QA, said: "At QA Apprenticeships we aim to make candidates more employable. Giving them the skills they need to write the best possible personal statement and gaining valuable interview techniques to get the jobs they want is our priority.

“After running an employability workshop with students from UTC Reading, we were blown away by their dedication and the achievements they’ve gained so far, all in the bid to stand out to employers in their chosen industry."

Jacob McQuillan, Microsoft apprentice, said: “I feel that the training day actively encouraged students to think about how they’re presenting themselves in an interview and professional environment and I think they benefited greatly from this. I think given mine and Sophie (Ware)’s position and age, we connected and helped the students even more and it was a very interactive day.  Furthermore, we helped the students think about what they would like to do after their time at UTC and they all seemed very interested in the Microsoft Apprenticeship scheme.”

Year 13 student Husna Mahmood highly valued the experience. She said: “The interview and presentation programmes were very helpful and gave me a good idea of what to expect. I now feel I will be fully prepared and have the confidence I need when the time comes to present myself.”

We would like to thank all of the partners who committed time and fantastic resources, ensuring that the week was a great success. Well done to all of our students who took part and gave up their half term to take advantage of the opportunity.

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