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Sage advice for BTEC computer students

A team from Sage are helping out with an Agile software development project.

A team of software developers from one of the UTC’s industry partners, software company Sage, came in to support BTEC Computing Unit 4 on Tuesday with a project on Software Development that will be ongoing over the next few weeks.

Sanjeet, Nick and Alisha from the UX (User Experience) Team at Sage spent the day in college talking to the students about user interfaces, user testing and most importantly how everything is always only an iteration of the final product.

‘Don’t be afraid to have a go and fail as this is invaluable for the development experience,’ they told the students.

Students will be having twice weekly ‘huddle’ sessions with the knowledgeable team from Sage, to support them in the development of their solutions to the brief set, which is to develop a website to provide a new service, all based around Agile software development.

After a series of general sessions to set the scene last week, things kicked off on Tuesday October 5, with students splitting off into three teams to work on different website ideas. The students came up with their own ideas, one team set about designing a social media app and website for the older generation; the second team started work on a time management website for secondary school students, particularly those in Years 11 and 13; and the third team are creating a website to assist students with their finances. Students were introduced to software that can transform sketches of a user interface into a working webpage or app page, which was fascinating to see.

A student working on the time management website said: "This is a website that is useful to all of us on the team, so we can be testers of it immediately, which really helps the development process."

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