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Maths = a big plus for engineers

‘Why do we need to learn certain mathematics topics?’  is a question our maths and engineering teachers often hear from UTC students keen to take the engineering route to university.

To help them see why these topics relate, we invited two recent graduates from City University in London, Aleksandra Court and Ollie Rhodes, to talk to our Year 12 students about the importance of maths in engineering. Aleksandra (the daughter of our director of engineering) has a M.Eng degree in aeronautical engineering and Ollie has a M.Eng degree in mechanical engineering.

Aleksandra and Ollie demonstrated how angles and calculus were applied to solve engineering problems in the field of aeronautical and mechanical engineering, with Aleksandra bringing in her first-year lecture notes to show our students how maths is applied in an engineering environment. 

The response was great and everyone who participated saw for themselves that maths is a very important subject if you want to be a good and competent engineer!




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