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UTC Reading cyber security students rank 18th in the world after earning 428,840 Immersive Lab Points

A group of cyber security students at UTC Reading have been taking part in Immersive Labs, a series of hands-on, challenge-based skill experiences to earn Labs Points. Having now achieved 428,840 points, they are 18th in the world according to the latest tables.  

Competing against top universities such as Kings College London, Bath, Cardiff, Liverpool and Cranfield, UTC Reading recorded an outstanding number of points, placing them very high on the global leaderboard. 

Immersive Labs pledge to take you from cyber novice to cyber hero with their Student Digital Cyber Academy, getting students ready to enter jobs in industry. The platform prepares students for emerging cyberthreats. 

UTC Reading is part of the UTC Cyber Group, a collective of 20 cyber UTCs across England, supported and guided by leading organisations in this sector.   

Schools within the UTC Cyber Group deliver specialist cyber education, either within the curriculum, or as an enrichment activity, and build the capability to deliver a steady pipeline of young students with accelerated technical skills into apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships, and specialist degrees.  

Well done to everyone who has passed Immersive Labs and for this fantastic achievement.  

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