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UTC Reading students invited to Tech for Good discussions

A group of Year 12 and Year 13 students were invited to join the Tech for Good discussions at the Curious Lounge in Reading, as part of the Festival of Digital Disruption.

Four entrepreneurs from a range of start-up companies offered the students advice on the importance of balancing making money with doing good in society.

Mark Stanley from Thinkitude discussed how they are working with local authorities to improve lives and safety using the Internet of Things and The Things Network. In particular, projects around improving the supervision of the elderly to predict accidents in the home, and an app to allow female students to walk safely home at night. His advice to the students: “Be curious. Be a doer, not a critic. Doers matter!"

Trudie Fell from Belle Vie discussed how she is applying Agile delivery techniques, learnt in the Tech industry, to revolutionise the delivery of care services.

David Thomas from Mintfinity discussed the whole product lifecycle, and how a project to start a cryptocurrency ended up with a way of tracking the whole lifecycle of a package to help collect data on disposal of products. His advice to our students: “Innovation isn’t a lightbulb moment. Innovation is the willingness to pursue an idea through thick and thin.”

Finally, Daniel Melville, an Ambassador for Open Bionics, talked about his journey with this start-up along with his own start-up journey.

Louize Clarke, hosting the event, spoke of her dream to ensure our students broadened their horizons and understood the excitement that comes from working with small start-up companies, rather than our UTCs more traditional large company partners.

Robert Bradley, UTC Reading’s Director of Computing, commented, “bringing our students to this event to listen to the amazing stories of these entrepreneurs, their passion to do good along with make enough money to live on, showed how they can make a success while living our ALET values of Empowerment, Enterprise, Connectedness and Transformation”.

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