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Year 10 student, Elise, becomes the UTC’s first CCF Sergeant!

In January 2019, UTC Reading launched its own Combined Cadet Force (CCF), led by Vice Principal and Contingent Commander, Neil Pouney, alongside the support and experience of existing cadets, such as Year 10 student, Elise.

“In March, I took the senior non-commissioned officer course and was successful. I was 14 years old when I joined the cadets, and have been part of the air cadets community squadron in Henley ever since. When I heard about this opportunity to launch the cadets at UTC Reading, I jumped on it straight away!”

“Recently, I had to give a lesson to a group of cadets on a subject of my choice. I chose basic map reading and was watched by a test sergeant who assessed my performance. He gave me feedback at the end, to tell me that my lesson was well thought out, had good consolidation techniques and that my presentation was informative and one of the best he had seen.”

“I originally joined the air cadets because I wanted to be a pilot. I then wanted to learn more about the military side, which led me to thinking about a career in the RAF. I just want to continue learning and developing myself.”

“I am currently training up new cadets at UTC Reading; we have done drill, basic navigation and are using the brand new flight simulator.”

“I’ve really developed my leadership and teamwork skills since becoming a cadet. The whole programme is very orientated around this. It is also so valuable to know how the RAF runs and what life is like there.”

“It feels amazing to have become a Sergeant. It is inspiring to do this inside of school, as well as outside. I get so much more out of it, and love doing this as part of our enrichment time at UTC Reading.”

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