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Year 11 student aspires to complete Duke of York Gold Award! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Year 11 student, Thomas, has recently achieved both the Bronze and Silver Duke of York Award, as part of his cadet cybersecurity course, and now aspires to go for Gold!

“A section of my Air Cadet cybersecurity course was to complete the Bronze Duke of York award. However, I decided to carry on to complete the Silver award as I was interested in the different modules and wanted to further my knowledge.”

“To achieve the Bronze award, I had to do multiple challenges. After completing each one, I would achieve points, and in total, I had to achieve 40 points in each of the four categories: Citizen, Worker, Maker and Entrepreneur. Upon completing the award, I had 253 points and had completed 27 tasks!”

“For the Silver award, I had to complete tasks again, however they were more specialised. This award involved more skill in each of the subject areas and a deeper understanding of them. The whole experience was challenging and required good time management and perseverance. I learnt new information and developed observational and problem-solving skills.”

“My aspirations are to carry on the Duke of York award and to achieve the Gold award. I will also be putting the skills I have learnt into practice in everyday life and hopefully this will help me prepare for life after studies.”

“UTC Reading’s environment and work ethic have motivated me to complete extra activities that widen my technical ability and employability. We have access to a range of enrichments, and these have enabled me to gain further qualifications such as MTAs, MOSs and IC3s. All of these additional skills and qualifications have given me a foundation for studying for the Duke of York and have been extremely beneficial.”

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  • University of Reading
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