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Student spotlight: Olly Hurst

Year 11 student, Olly, has achieved the Bronze Duke of York award, which he has completed as part of a cadet cybersecurity course.

His hard work and determination have been crucial to achieving this renowned award. We caught up with him to find out more about his achievements, and life at UTC Reading:

“Last year I passed the Cambridge Nationals iMedia exam with a distinction star, being the only student in my year to achieve this grade. I was invited to take part in a Silver Level Cybersecurity award in the RAF Air Cadets, which is quite rare within the organisation to secure a place in. The course entails that I complete the Bronze Duke of York Award (iDEA) which I have now finished, as well as an online exam (which I am yet to complete).”

“At UTC Reading, during enrichment I help Vice Principal, Neil, to run the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) as one of the Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) on the squadron, training the other new cadets, marching, and various other activities. I also do this outside of school as part of the Air Training Corps.”

“In the future, I have an ambition to go into the Royal Air Force. Originally, I wanted to be a pilot but have since taken part in multiple residential camps and activities that have given me an insight into STEM, especially engineering within the military, or with a partner linked to the RAF.”

“I intend to study engineering at sixth form next year so that I can gain solid experience if I do choose to go down that route.”  

Olly’s record of achievement includes completing the following courses: Digital awareness, safety and ethics; Tools and techniques which are useful in the workplace; Digital creativity and how to build and make in the digital world; Entrepreneur badges; Citizen badges; Worker badges and Maker badges.  

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