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Italian student thrives in studies at UTC Reading after moving to the UK

Sixth Form student Traecy joined UTC Reading in Year 12, after leaving Italy to study in the UK.

“I came from Italy to study in the UK, and really wanted to focus on STEM subjects. I did my research and after looking at recommendations, joined UTC Reading."

“The schools system in the UK is completely different to what I am used to. I had no idea what to expect but I have really enjoyed it so far. The UTC pushes you. You get given independence and it feels a bit like a university, where you manage your own workload. My favourite thing about it is the flexibility you get.”

“I study computer science, business and maths. I then want to go on and study computer science at university. I’ve secured three offers and I am hoping to go to York University!”

“I would recommend this UTC to anyone. It offers you so many opportunities, not just education wise, but for personal growth too. It prepares you for the workplace and teaches you what is expected. You gain the skills that employers are looking for, and that, you just wouldn’t find anywhere else.”

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