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On Tuesday 4 December, UTC Reading held its second UTC Pipeline Programme day for KS5 students, gaining overwhelming feedback from students. 

UTC Reading launched its new UTC Pipeline Programme at the start of this academic year, teaming up with leading industry experts such as Microsoft, Salesforce and Fujitsu, to run four pipeline days a year with students. These days develop the skills that young people need to succeed in the workplace.

The programme is designed to develop a talent pipeline, as students and employers work together on employability skills workshops, technical briefings and work placements.

The second session of the UTC Pipeline Programme saw a wide range of innovative activities taking place, from Salesforce’s programming challenges, to Fujitsu’s ethical hacking and Airbyte’s android development project.

Here’s some feedback from our students when asked what the most valuable part of the day was:

“I found each of the sessions equally valuable, I really liked seeing how the security concepts are applied in the working environment and how NTT Security runs. I found it interesting to see what different people do on a daily basis - and what roles there are available within the company. I enjoyed the practical work as it is something I don't do often so it was good to get an insight into that side of things.“ (NTT Security)

“The challenge of solving problems as they keep coming up then finally resulting in an idea that reaches all the points that work.” (AWE)

“Showing us how fibre cables work was great.” (Equinix)

“The explanations about the core products and systems they incorporate into their data centres and the schematics and circuits were also interesting to learn about. This all provided an insight into the level of complexity of the solutions they develop and maintain.”

“Learning how to use the tool(s) used by a vulnerability assessor.” (Fujitsu)

“I found the tour of the warehouse very valuable. It gave an insight in to how complex the IT operations are and how important they are to creating an efficient process.” (John Lewis Partnership)

“Over all the whole day was very interesting and beneficial but the most valuable part of the day was probably finding out what the apprentice facilities were like and the training you receive.” (Network Rail)

“Learning about how people can be a different colour and how people can work together effectively.” (SSE)

“Teaching me how to code kotlin, was really helpful and I built something that I was proud of by the end of the day!” (Airbyte)

“Being able to go around to different projects and speak to people whilst they were working, so that I could get a better idea of the environment they were working in, as well as the type of work being done.” (KBR)

The next UTC Pipeline Programme day will be held on 31 January 2019.

Thank you to the following partners for their enjoyable and informative sessions: Microsoft, Salesforce, Fujitsu, NTT Security, John Lewis, Airbyte, Network Rail, KBR, KBR Government, PBA, SSE, Equinix, Costain and AWE.

Photos from the UTC Pipeline Programme day can be found on our gallery page:


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