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DP Architects challenge UTC Reading students to design and build a chair

Earlier this month, DP Architects delivered a workshop for new Year 12 students to try their hand at designing and building a chair with limited materials.

Famous Architects often like to design and build chairs that mirror their architectural styles and so, working in pairs, students had a limited time of 60 minutes to design and build their chair, as well as additional time to agree and write down the specification needs before starting.

To make it a little bit more challenging, students could only use newspaper-rolled sticks, elastic bands and cable ties. However, thanks to their previous engineering knowledge, students already knew that using triangle shapes was the key, as these are the strongest structures in engineering.

DP Architects are a partner of UTC Reading and have been providing us with workshops and STEM talks since working alongside us.

Bravely, UTC Reading senior leader, Jax Snipp tested the chairs at the end of the workshop! The chairs were supposed to be strong enough to hold for 30 seconds; the best one lasted 3.6 seconds!

Thank you to DP Architects for this exciting workshop and we look forward to welcoming you back next year for another stimulating activity.


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