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Year 5 students from local primary take part in the Eco Home Challenge ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

On Friday 13 July, Year 5 pupils from Kidmore End Primary School took part in the ‘Grand Finale’ of their ‘UTC Reading Eco Engineers Challenge’ project. 

The challenge consisted of pupils dividing into small groups to design an Eco House using industry software and using their engineering and mathematical knowledge, along with the support of their teachers over the past term. They were also visited by UTC Reading during this period to see how the project was progressing and to give guidance before the final.

On the day of the final, Year 5 students presented their Tinkercad designs of an eco-home in teams. As part of the project, teams had to choose where to locate their home, consider its environment, justify their choices and ensure it is cost effective.

The session ran from 13:30 to 15:00 in which each group had ten minutes to present to judges. Each team was scored based on presentation skills, design and practical results. They all learnt what it meant to be an engineer and got to explore new skills such as using industry software, Tinkercad.

At the end of the session, awards were given to the winning teams and runners up. All students received a goodie bag for their participation in the challenge. 

Well done to all of the students involved in this project, who wowed the judges and came up with some fantastic ideas.

This is the fifth school we have worked with on the challenge with over 300 pupils participating.

Laroux Hutchinson, UTC Reading LSA/English Teacher, said: “The pupils thoroughly enjoy the challenge and it is very rewarding for everyone involved, from parents to industry partners that came in to help us judge.”

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