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Leading expert gives cancer insights to A-Level Biology students

On Thursday 26 April, UTC Reading received a visit from Dr Martin Christlieb, who works in the Department of Oncology at Oxford University.

Martin delivered a  presentation to A-Level Biology students that covered: how we define cancer, the problems it causes to the body, identifying cancer cells and possible ways of treating it.

He discussed the difficulties around treatment and why we cannot have one generic medication; every case is unique, which requires tailoring treatment to an individual patient. Martin expressed the importance of early detection of possible cancers and how this allows treatment to have a higher chance of success with treatment. 

Year 12 A-Level Biology student, Dylan Moran, who attended the lectured, said, “The cancer talk was good, fun and interesting. I liked that Martin waited until it became awkward for people to come up with an answer, to stop people from not saying anything. It made people think about an answer, to get involved with the discussion, even if they doubted their responses. I learned a lot about cancer and how it works, but I would have liked the session to be extended as I think there was more that could have been discussed.”

Lewis Hutchinson, Teaching and Learning Coordinator and STEM coordinator said, “The students loved Martin’s lecture, especially the interactive nature of his presentation and the way he gave them a unique insight into the study of cancer.”

Lewis is currently arranging a follow up lecture for A-level Physics students on the physics behind cancer treatment, and is looking into holding a lecture in the future that will be open to the general public.


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