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Year 12 Architecture trip to London

On Friday 23 February, 15 Year 12 Art and Design Architecture students went to London for a walking tour of key architectural points of interest and visited the Victoria and Albert Museum.

As part of the first component of their course, each student had to select a chosen theme, topic or idea to study and produce an architectural outcome. The trip helped to provide inspiration and primary research sources to enhance the students’ coursework.

The walking tour began along London Bridge, seeing the amazing sights of the HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge.  This was followed by a walk through Fenchurch Street, taking in the sights of the iconic “Walkie Talkie” – the building famous for melting car parts, due to its creative shape, reflecting the sunlight down onto the street.

Students also saw the impressive Lloyds Building, designed by Richard Rogers. The building is designed “inside out” with all of the service functions removed from the interior and placed around the exterior of the inventive design. St. Marys Axe, or better known as “The Gherkin”, was sure to be visited due to its unique structure that has become famous within the London skyline. Other points of interest on the walking tour were The Willis Building, Moor House and London wall Place.

The trip concluded by taking the underground tube across London to the Victoria and Albert Museum; the world’s leading museum of Art and Design. This provided students with the opportunity to find some first-hand sources to help inspire and inform their component one portfolio. There were some incredible sights; from clever illusion installations, to carefully blown glass and remarkable designs from across the world such as Japan and the Middle East.

Stephanie Mitchell, Director of Industry Relation and Design Technology, who organised the trip commented, “The most surprising element of the trip was the amount of building work still going on in London, meaning the architecture and ‘wow factor’ will only be more inspiring as this develops. [It was] a really great day - we walked over 17,000 steps across the day, as recorded by my tracker - thoroughly enjoyed by all!”

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