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Celebrating student success

To mark the end of the spring term, we held our second student celebration event.

Students and staff were joined by parents and industry partners. Alongside awards for achievement and attainment, there were also prizes from our industry partners who have set our students employer challenges.


Phil Cross, Academic Audience Manager at Microsoft had goody bags for the team who has designed the best app and put together a creative and professional business pitch.

Many congratulations to Brunel and their app which allows users to view YouTube videos made by The Yogcast (organisation who produce gaming-related videos).    

Phil also presented certificates to students who have gained Microsoft Office Specialist and Microsoft Technology Associate professional qualifications.


Sytel Reply had also set and employer challenge to all students. They wanted research papers on technology, focusing on how different technologies could evolve in the future.

Alexander Seyf from Sytel Reply said: “It was a great pleasure to read your submissions and see the effort from everyone. I’m sure you all have brilliant futures ahead of you.”

Well done to Dylan, Kevin and Sampath who were awarded top prizes.


Awards were also given to those who had earned the most bytes (UTC currency) for their company and the company who had the most bytes per student – and congratulations once again to Code!

MP Rob Wilson who also attended the awards said: “It’s really terrific to be here today on this day of celebration, and it’s great to see so many parents here to celebrate the success and achievements of the students.

“I was recently at Westminster at an event with Lord Baker and UTC Reading came up time and time again as a shining example of a successful school. Well done to everyone involved for this wonderful achievement.”

We also had music for the first time at the UTC following a new partnership with Reading Rock Academy. Founder Peter Doyle said: “We’ve been operating out of UTC Reading for the past four weeks, and would like to thank Jo for letting this become our new home.

“Students have been preparing their performances for the past two weeks, and what they’ve achieved is amazing. This is the students’ first performances and the first musical performances at the UTC, so I’m very proud of that.”


Well done to soloist Daniel, and bands Pandemonium, Legacy and The Band With No Name of their performances.

Principal Joanne closed the event by thanking everyone for attending, and to ‘thank the partners for being involved. They give up so much of their time to make it a rewarding experience for our students.”

Head over to our Facebook page for more photos from the awards.  

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