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UTC students travel further for specialist technical education

Teenagers attending UTC Reading are willing to get up earlier and travel further for the state of the art facilities and the chance to study technical subjects.

According to a survey commissioned by the charity Baker Dearing Educational Trust, the organisation that supports and promotes UTCs, nearly 45% of UTC Reading students travel more than five miles each way to get a specialist technical education. This compares to only 21% of all students in England travelling further than five miles (the most recent National Travel Survey).

Lord Baker, Chairman of the Baker Dearing Educational Trust, commented: “UTCs take children from a much wider catchment than other state schools; this means students are travelling each day from a lot further away. Students do this willingly to get hands-on learning, state of the art equipment and working closely with local businesses. Young people want to connect what they are learning at school to the world of work. They want to understand how things work and to solve problems in order to find their place in the real world. A UTC offers them this and it opens doors with employers.”

When comparing UTC Reading to their previous school, 93% of students said links with business were better and 81% felt their opportunities to get a step on the career ladder had improved. 76% of students strongly agreed that coming to UTC Reading has helped them to understand their options when they leave school, and 72% feel confident of getting a job when they leave education.

Students can now apply to join UTC Reading in September 2018 for Year 10 or Year 12. To find out more, register for our open event on Thursday 28 September.

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