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Students are given an insight into the history of computing

A group of Maths students recently visited the National Computer Museum at Bletchley Park.

Students were able to see the reconstruction of the first computer 'Colossus' and the Lorenz telex coding system. They were given a detailed explanation on how the Colossus machines were used for code breaking.

The tour of the museum included the opportunity to see a range of old IBM and HP computers, which fascinated the students. At the end of the day, the staff running the tour gave students a Python Code challenge to write an encipher and decipher programme. They also recommended an Enigma Simulator App for students to try with friends on their phones. 

Cimen Sahin, UTC Reading's Director of Mathematics, commented: "The visit was fascinating. The staff were extremely knowledgable and gave students a very insteresting insight into the history of computing. Thank you to Bletchley Park for such a great trip - we'll be back!"


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