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Students inspired by Maths event

A group of Year 12 UTC Reading students joined a Maths Inspiration Event at the Hexagon Theatre on 28 February.

Over 600 students from across the UK attended the show to hear inspirational speakers deliver talks, demonstrating how mathematics can be fun and entertaining. The mathematicians and physicists speaking included Matt Parker, Steve Mould, Sammie Buzzard and Ben Sparks.

Director of Mathematics Cimen Sahin said: "This had more motivational impact on my students than anything I've seen in my teaching career. It was all phenomenally interesting."

Student Joseph Dowling commented: "As a maths lover I thought it was excellent. I especially loved meeting the maths celebrities from my favourite YouTube channels such as Matt Parker, Numberfile Genius, and Steve Mould, the man behind the mould effect! I look forward to it again next year!"

Student Mark Ebel said: "I found it inspirational and it motivated me to pursue my education in a field based around mathematics as it opened my mind up to how much we depend on maths in the real world."

Student Alex Matthews added: "It was very different from what I expected, showing really entertaining ways to think of things. My favourite part was the statistics on poker and how many different sets you could get."

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