Level 3 BTEC Extended Certificate in Computing

What does this qualification cover?

The L3 BTEC National Extended Certificate in Computing course is designed to support learners who are interested in learning about the computing sector alongside other fields of study, with a view to progressing to a wide range of higher education courses or employment, not necessarily in the computing sector. It is designed to be taken as part of a programme of study that includes other appropriate BTEC Nationals or A Levels. This qualification is equivalent to studying one A Level. 


What’s included?

Four modules (2 x mandatory exam-based, 1 x mandatory coursework-based, 1 x optional coursework-based)

The mandatory exam-based modules include principles of computer science and fundamentals of computer systems. The mandatory coursework-based module includes study of system security and encryption. 

The remaining coursework module involves website development, which incorporates reviewing a range of different websites and their respective features, functions and components followed by developing practical skills in website development. Coursework-based modules are split into theory-based research tasks as part 1, combined with given scenarios as a basis for practical exercises for part 2, with each module being individually graded on a Pass, Merit, Distinction and Distinction* basis. 

Students in Year 12 typically complete 1 exam-based module in the first year of the course, with 1 coursework-based module. Students in Year 13 go on to complete the remaining modules (1 exam-based and the remaining coursework-based module) in the second year of the course. 


Key Features

Students completing the L3 BTEC National Extended Certificate in Computing will be prepared for and equipped with logical and computational skills necessary to succeed at a tertiary education level, in the workplace or beyond, either within or outwith the computing sector. 

Links to workplace

As you work through the course, we will include sessions led by computing and IT companies which integrate with aspects of the course, including website development, system security and project management. 


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Year 12

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