Sports Enrichment

What does this qualification cover?

Our sports offer at UTC Reading is not a qualification. All Year 10 and 11 have 1 hour of sport timetabled per week where they are expected to attend with their sports kit and will be taught by our sports teacher Dom. 

As we don’t stick to a specific curriculum this allows us to be flexible and creative with what we offer but, in all cases, the aim is to promote the importance of movement and physical activity to the students as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through their late teens and into adult life. 

What’s included?

Over the course of the year in these sports sessions, student will take part in the following sports: 

Gym – We have a fully equipped gym at the UTC 

Table tennis – We have both outdoor and indoor provision 





HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training 

Key Features

The key features to all of these activities is fun. The aim of all of the session is to give the students a positive engagement in sports, engage with their peers, play in team sports and recognise the importance of physical movement as part of their everyday life. 

We also encourage students to form teams to compete against each other and against other schools. 

Links to workplace

Whilst you could argue that sport doesn’t link directly to the workplaces that we typically work with, the majority of employers recognise the importance of supporting staff to manage their own wellbeing. Our sports offer is designed to replicate that so that students continue to make physical movement part of their everyday routine. 


Year 10


Year 12

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