Level 2 IT Technical Qualification 

What does this qualification cover?

By studying Cambridge Nationals in IT as part of your programme of study, you will develop an understanding of how to use different applications and tools to design, create and evaluate IT solutions and products in practical, real-life situations. 

This course will help you develop independence and confidence in using skills highly relevant to the IT sector. 

This qualification will also help you develop learning and skills that can be used in other life and work situations such as planning and designing IT solutions and products for a given purpose, being able to select the best tools and techniques to solve problems and use planning techniques to complete tasks in an organised and timely way. 


What’s included?

IT in the digital world (R050) 

In this unit you will learn about design and testing concepts for creating an IT solution or product, and the uses of IT in the digital world.

Topics include:

  • Design Tools
  • Human Computer Interface (HCI) in everyday life
  • Data and testing
  • Cyber-security and legislation
  • Digital Communications
  • Internet of Everything (IoE).
  • Data

Manipulation using spreadsheets (R060) 

In this unit you will learn how to plan, design, create, test and evaluate a data manipulation spreadsheet solution to meet client’s requirements. You will be able to evaluate your solution based on the user requirements.

Topics include:

  • Planning and designing the spreadsheet solution
  • Creating the spreadsheet solution
  • Testing the spreadsheet solution
  • Evaluating the spreadsheet solution. 

Using augmented reality to present information (R070) 

In this unit you will learn how to design, create, test and review an Augmented Reality model prototype to meet a client’s requirements.

Topics include:

  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Designing an Augmented Reality (AR) model prototype
  • Creating an Augmented Reality (AR) model prototype
  • Testing and reviewing. 

Key Features

This qualification will help students to develop:  

  • A deep understanding in the use of IT in the digital world and how to apply design tools, principles of human computer interactions, the use of data and testing, cyber-security and legislation when creating an IT solution or product 
  • Technical skills which can be used to plan, design, create, test and evaluate/review IT solutions and Augmented Reality (AR) products that are appropriate for a defined target audience and meet requirements.

Links to workplace

  • As you work through the course, we will include sessions led by computing and IT companies which integrate with aspects of the course, including interface design, cybersecurity and project management. 




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