EAL Level 2 Certificate In Engineering

What does this qualification cover?

A broad introduction to engineering, with a good balance of practical and academic modules, perfect for any future technical career. 

The course covers: 

  • An introduction to the way engineering companies are organised and operate, and what it is like to work within them 
  • Engineering techniques (theory and practical) 
  • Numeracy and science related to engineering (strong cross-over with maths and science GCSE courses) 

Much of the course is delivered by teachers who have had prior engineering careers in industry. This allows us to provide unique insights to the students about the ‘real world’ of engineering. 


What’s included?

A broad, interactive course: 

  • The world of work in engineering industry 
  • Technical Drawing 
  • Engineering design-build-evaluate 
  • Engineering manufacturing techniques 
  • Engineering materials 
  • Practical metalwork 
  • Health and Safety 

    Key Features

    A balance of theoretical and practical learning, linked to the workplace. 

    In addition to the engineering-specific learning, the course develops transferable skills that are widely recognised and applicable to the world of work including: 

    • Problem Solving 
    • Decision Making 
    • Design Strategies and Techniques 
    • Evaluative Strategies 

      Links to workplace

      By choosing to study Level 2 Engineering Technologies you will gain a firm grounding in theoretical and practical techniques that can lead to further study at Level 3, and that will put you in a strong position if you choose to leave us at the end of Year 11 to seek an intermediate or advanced apprenticeship in industry.

      There are specific modules that generate an understanding of what it is like to work in the engineering industry. Our alumni have succeeded at securing intermediate and advanced apprenticeships after this course, as well as going on to Level 3 study that has ultimately led to university degrees (including Oxbridge), higher-level apprenticeships and careers in the armed services. 


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