Ode to our exam takers

Andrea Coronel, our Data and Examinations officer, shared the following poem with Year 11 and 13 students currently taking their exams.

To the students who feel their future starts here, well it does.

But perhaps not in the way you think.

You see, you are very special people.

Teenagers who lived through the strangest historic time period in a century.

And your success, your bright career…

will be born not of your results in a test, but in the way you handle the tough times.

Your resilience.

And let me tell you, resilience is not appearing to have handled things well.

It’s healing.

No one gets through unscathed, not matter how they seem to.

So do your best, but keep close in your pocket,

that you are already quite something.

Continue your journey of adapting, of coping,

of evolving to be the first to face a new world.

Because you are.

And you have.

And you will.

And you have plenty to offer the future.

And plenty of time to see that.

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