William gets set to ‘change the world’

Student lands civil engineering degree apprenticeship at Stantec.

William Hammond, currently in his final year at UTC Reading, is delighted to have landed a degree apprenticeship in Civil Engineering at Stantec, which he is set to start this coming September.

As well as making his parents burst with pride, he is now happy to relax and enjoy the summer (after the small matter of exams…) knowing he will be kick-starting a rewarding career when the lower years go back to school.

“Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been interested in the history of engineering,” he said. “People like Brunel, the stuff he’s made, like the Clifton suspension bridge, that inspired me to think of civil engineering. So I’m really looking forward to starting this job where I’ll be learning more about civil engineering – basically trying to design things to change the world.”

Before he’s fit to change the world, William needs to complete his five-year degree apprenticeship.

Based at Stantec’s Reading office, William will spend four days a week learning about the design of highways and residential development projects, as well as learn how to use relevant software and programs such as Computer Aided Design (CAD), and produce drawings for construction. One day a week he will study at Kingston University.

“I’ll be paired with industry professionals, and I expect I’ll be mentored by a more experienced apprentice – maybe a UTCR alumni.”

William says there were a few apprenticeships advertised at Stantec at the time he applied, so is happy he will be starting with other young people, and can get a taste of the university experience.

“I did think about university because I want to earn a lot of money at some point. But then when I found out about degree apprenticeships, I decided that’s a great idea because you’re getting paid to go to university and you’re getting paid to do work. It made sense to me.”

As is advised, William applied for apprenticeships at lots of different places. When his interview came through, he was prepared.

“I looked up about the company first. They do an overview just to make sure. And then when I went to the building for the interview, I just tried to remember everything that I find interesting about civil engineering. I think that’s basically how I got the job.”

William offers this advice to those going for apprenticeship interviews: “Just show your interest in the subject and try not to worry about it. There’s no point if you’re not interested in the subject you’re going to apply for. You need to have – and show –  a passion to do it. Just research the company and do your best. That’s what I did.”

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