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IET Women in STEM talks at UTC Reading

UTC Reading is working with the IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology), Kendrick School, Leighton Park School and Reading Girls’ School to organise a series of talks on Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Talks are delivered by women in a range of careers and from a variety of backgrounds, aiming to inspire young people to see the wealth of opportunities available to them in STEM.

We are hosting one talk per month and will update this page with the schedule throughout the year. Please sign up if you wish to attend.


If you work in the computing or engineering sectors and would like to get involved, please contact

Tuesday 10 October 2017, 4.30pm: Dr Caroline Cox, Earth Observation Algorithm Scientist at RAL Space

Dr Cox has a background in physics and currently works on a satellite instrument that is measuring the temperature of the land and oceans. Much of the work she does is involved in detecting cloud in the images that are produced. Dr Cox shall be talking about her experiences in this industry and passing on any tips she has for budding scientists!

Tuesday 28 November 2017, 4.30pm: Gemma Hood, Sarah Rowland and Linda Hansson from Volume AI

Volume AI is a leading global technology and innovation company taking artificially intelligent applications to market. They have delivered one of the world’s first commercial cognitive websites and are well known in the field of robotics. Gemma Hood comes from a non technical background, but has made her career in technology. She has overall responsibility for Volume’s people strategy after setting up their HR department. Sarah Rowland is a Digital Project Manager and Linda Hansson is a programmer for the company. Gemma, Sarah and Linda shall talk about their experiences in the technology branch and answer any questions on careers in AI. They may even bring some robots along for us to play with!

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